Scooterino Amen, the application to have a priest delivered to your home!


We had spoken recently many Christian applications which overturn the codes of faith: Applications for praying, confessing, participating in the quest, reading the Bible,… Our French Christian start-ups will not remain insensitive to this Italian innovation: Scooterino Amen. The concept is simple: You can order online, much like a pizza, delivery from a priest to your home! Once at home, this priest will be able to confess to you, grant you such and such a blessing, advise you,… In short, exercise his pastoral ministry at your side, at home.

BBased on the functioning of Uber and its variation for two wheels, this Italian application deployed in the city of Rome is intended to be non-profit. Once installed on your mobile, this application allows you to request a visit from a priest at home. A driver, registered in the application, picks up the priest and drops him off at your place, all free of charge.

Once the priest's service is done you can give it a rating in the app! This will help other users choose the highest rated priests and encourage the priests to do their best.

This application mainly targets religious tourism in the Roman capital, more than 10 million visitors are expected to the Vatican in the coming months. An innovative idea whose presentation video is as unusual as the concept itself!

Why not consider a Parisian version of the concept in the coming months? And why not also such an application for the visits of Protestant pastors?


source: Influencia.Net

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