Science and faith: a successful marriage for Fabiola Gianetti, new director of CERN

Fabiola Gianetti, like many great scientists before her, believes in God and declares it publicly. His appointment as head of the European Organization for Nuclear Research follows his distinguished career in nuclear physics. This particle physicist had joined the CERN in 1987.

Fabiola Gianotti was ATLAS3 coordinator from 1999 to 2003 and spokesperson for the program ATLAS within the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which is considered to be the largest scientific experiment in the world (3000 physicists from 5 continents).

This cooking enthusiast is also a professional pianist and a teacher who graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Milan, the city which awarded her the Gold Medal in 2012. In 2013, Fabiola Gianotti was appointed to the Scientific Advisory Committee to the Secretary General of the United Nations . January 2016, She is now the first woman to head CERN, or European Organization for Nuclear Research, also known as the European Laboratory for Particle Physics. It is the largest particle physics center in the world.

In a recent interview on Italian TV she affirmed her faith * and said:

“Science and religion are two different fields and must remain so. Science is based on the experimentation of facts, while religion is based on totally opposite principles, in other words on faith, beliefs, and this is all the more meritorious for those who believe without having seen. Science will never prove that God exists or that He does not exist. And I don't think she will ever do it ”.
*" Yes I think ! "

Contrary to the idea too often spread in our media, Fabiola Gianetti affirms that science and faith can coexist. It is positioned on the same line as Nicolas Copernicus, Galileo, Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur or Albert Einstein, to name but a few.

“This marvelous system which is the universe with the sun, the planets and the comets can only come from the will and the power of an intelligent being… This being governs everything and not only the world. Recognizing his power over everything, we must call him "Lord God" or "The universal sovereign" ... This supreme God is an eternal, infinite and absolutely perfect being "
Isaac Newton, Principia, Book N ° 3

“A little science takes you away from God.
Much brings you back ”
Louis Pasteur

And to conclude, a little theology:

The 3 basic apologetic arguments come to the conclusion that there is a universal moral legislator, who is at the genesis of everything, who is infinitely intelligent and external to man.

It could really be GOD ! Don't you believe?

Elisabeth dugas

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