"Say, if it was true? »: The moving testimony of Guy Maréchal

"Say, if it was true? »By Guy Maréchal published this month in Editions Part One is a testimonial book.

This is the story of a man who met God at the age of 50, in 1999 in Shanghai, thanks to his nephew who wanted to become a pastor. The story of a man who saw his 43 brain tumors disappear in 4 days. The story of a man who experienced many miracles that changed his life. The story of a believer in a living God “who loves and forgives, who wants all to be saved and to know eternal life”. The story of a man anxious to provide an answer to the existential question that occupies us all, namely whether there is life after death, to "comfort all the wounded in life, the desperate, the left behind." for account ”, and enlighten those who seek God to solve their problems.

Guy Maréchal wants above all to convey a message of hope; nothing is ever finished. After an abused childhood and his departure from the family home at the age of 15, he joined the army at the age of 21 and became the youngest Belgian officer. He will then go on to professional successes.

A success that ends in 2006 following a stroke, a period of coma and the disappearance of his brain tumors. A chain of events that made him stop all professional activity to devote himself to writing and to travel the world to bear witness to the power of God: "He is alive and does not belong to any caste or sect".

From his mistakes and failures, especially family ones, Guy Maréchal learned that "we must learn to trust Him" and that God has the power to make us free and happy, far from all the excesses of human religions.

With old age coming and with the approach of death, this miraculous wished to take up the pen to share his exceptional experiences and the miracles that have passed through his life. A message imbued with courage, hope and faith.

Eric Coursodon

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