Church of Satan Gains Ground in US with After-School Activities and New Headquarters

THEChurch of Satan is an American satanist organization founded in 1966 in San Francisco, by the High priest Anton Lavey. In the early years, this movement first encountered great hostility. In the 80s, Christians, media and therapists united to firmly oppose the movement. But lately, it seems that the skill of communicators, ends up pushing the limits and overcoming the reluctance of the authorities.

LThe organization today has 40 members claiming to be from the Satanic Temple in the USA. The legitimacy of this satanist group in the United States seems to be settling in because of their ambiguous positioning combining libertarian political discourse and occult iconography, to such an extent that extracurricular activities are now set up in some public schools.

It was in July 2015 that The Satanic Temple in Detroit again caused concern and reactions, when the Time Magazine described as "the greatest satanist ceremony in history", by erecting a bronze statue 2,50 meters high, adorned with many occult signs and representing two children contemplating Baphomet, name given to an idol by the occultists of the 700th century century. XNUMX people gathered around this party for "a night of chaos, noise and debauchery".

Pastors then reacted strongly, such as pastor and televangelist David Alexander Bullock, who wrote an article on his blog and mobilized the church in the face of this phenomenon. According to Bullock, the organization's goal is "to harm Christianity, to infiltrate society in order to stir up trouble in the hearts of people about God, and to change the biblical foundations of civil law in the States. -United ".

For the purpose of the movement is clearly to influence the foundations of American society, by undermining the influence of the Church and the Bible in society, and by intensifying the separation of Church and State. .

According to Daily Beast, the followers "fight against the manifestations of orthodoxy and religious fundamentalism in the United States, brandishing the first amendment of the American Constitution which advocates the freedom of expression and the exercise of any religion, without distinction or discrimination".

More recently, Friday September 16, 2016, officially opened in Salem, Massachusetts, the headquarters of the organization. The city of Salem was not chosen at random. According to one of the officials in an interview with Boston Globe :

“The story of Salem is part of the story of Satanism. "

The region is of historical importance for Satanism. It had been the scene of 12 executions of people accused of witchcraft in the XNUMXth century.

Pursuing their objectives, the leaders of the "Church of Satan" decided to take over the existence of the "Good News Club" (Workshop for the evangelization of children) in American public schools, by setting up " After School Club Satan ”in the same schools.

“We believe that while children are exposed to the idea that they are going to burn in hell and other supernatural ideas, it can only be good for them to be exposed to a satanic after-school program. "

The project finally came to fruition, Fox News announced on September 27, the opening of an extracurricular club in an elementary school in Portland.

In 2015, during the unveiling of the statue of Baphomet, Todd Sanders, of the Strictly Biblical Bible Teaching Ministries, found in these provocations a "Opportunity to reach the truth". He declared for CBS :

“I don't believe this is something we should be afraid of, we don't have to tremble with fear. As Christians we have the truth on our side. "

He also specified finally that these events were undoubtedly a sign of the end of times described in the Bible.


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