Sara Bibi 8 years old, persecuted Christian in Pakistan

A Pakistani Christian family was forced to flee their home after their 8-year-old daughter was beaten and locked in a school toilet for hours. She was accused of using the toilet reserved for Muslims. The British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), a London-based humanitarian association, reports that Sara Bibi, the youngest of 5 children, was expelled from government school in Samundari, Punjab province, after being accused of using the same toilets than his Muslim classmates.

IIt is common in Muslim mentalities and communities in Pakistan that Christians are unclean. Bibi's comrades accused her of having "polluted" their toilet. After informing the school principal, Zahida Rana, that Bibi had used the 'Muslim' toilet, Bibi was verbally scolded, and severely corrected by the principal.

"You are a Christian, an infidel," Rana shouted to Bibi. "How dare you use the same toilet as Muslim girls?" "

Even though Bibi pleaded her innocence, Rana beat Bibi and locked her in the bathrooms, for over three hours until the end of the school day. “The morning's reports highlight that hatred towards Christians is instilled from an early age,” the Pakistan Christian Association report explains. “This pariah status is prevalent in Pakistan for Christians. "

Although the local police officer said his department had not received any complaints from the family, and that no action was taken against Rana or the school, Bibi and her family did were forced into hiding and received several threats and blasphemous allegations. As this type of allegation has very serious legal consequences in Pakistan, possibly leading to violence and murder, including the murder of religious minorities, the family decided that they would be safer living elsewhere.

The Association met with the family to assess the amount they would need to support them in their relocation plan. BPCA therefore set up a campaign to support this family and other persecuted Christians in Pakistan. In addition to this action, BPCA is circulating a petition calling on Pakistanis to create schools where minorities are not demonized.

“We are often asked why Christians are so illiterate, with only 7% reaching a sufficient level. When you see the kind of abuse, harassment and violence that Christians experience on a daily basis, you can understand, ”said BPCA President Wilson Chowdry. “This hatred runs from top to bottom, across educational institutions, and leaves Christians demoralized and discouraged. "

This alarming situation is exacerbated with some 700 young Christian girls kidnapped, raped and forced into an Islamic union per year, the majority of them kidnapped after having joined the young Muslims of their school, in an outing ”. Chowdhry continues:

“Education feeds this hatred of minorities, by caricaturing and demonizing them. Under such hostility, what chance is there for these minorities to educate future generations? "

Even though the Local Police are investigating, Pakistani lawmakers have ordered an investigation into the ill-treatment Bibi received at school. The Pakistani Senate Speaker also ordered an investigation. Raja Muhammad Zafarul, the leader of the Pakistani Parliament was unhappy after reading the account of the investigation. He ordered a meeting between the District officer, Bibi and her family.


Source: The Christian Post

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