Samaritan's Purse takes care of Afghans in transit: "A concrete step towards love of neighbor"

“Helping the evacuees to preserve their dignity is a concrete step towards love of neighbor as Jesus invites us to do in the parable of the Good Samaritan. "

The American charity chaired by Franklin Graham says it draws inspiration from its actions from the parable of the good samaritan. It is to follow Jesus' command to take care of others that its members are currently standing alongside the Afghans who, after fleeing the Taliban, find themselves in transit in a center in Eastern Europe.

"We are taking care of hundreds of Afghans evacuated in a transit center in Eastern Europe by providing them with medical examinations, haircuts and new clothes", explains the NGO on social networks.

800 Afghans are welcomed in this transit center. David Ang, from Samaritan's Purse, describes their situation:

“Many of the people we help had high paying jobs. They had careers until three weeks ago. They had a decent position in their communities, they had the opportunity to provide for their families and all of a sudden that is devastated. "

The organization called on two local hairdressers to come up with haircuts. Clothes are also distributed to these families who left their country without being able to bring other clothes than those they wore. Balloons and kites were also distributed to children.

For Deb Go, responsible for the Afghan intervention at Samaritan's Purse, it is about going “beyond basic needs”.

“What I love about the barber, the hairstylist, the dresses and the scarves is that the team goes beyond basic needs. We make sure evacuees are cared for as individuals and treat people with the simple things they might want, especially after going through a traumatic situation. "

For Hobie, on the spot, “helping the evacuees to preserve their dignity is a concrete step towards love of neighbor as Jesus invites us in the parable of the Good Samaritan”. She hopes that "God will reveal Himself here in the camp."

Two doctors and a nurse also complete the team in order to support the nursing staff on the site.


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