Salah Farah, the Kenyan Muslim who died to save the lives of Christians

We reported to you on December 21 how Kenyan Muslims saved the lives of fellow Christians in terrorist bus attack. "Kill us all or leave them alone," is how the Muslims on that bus responded to the extremists, refusing to separate from the Christians who were to be murdered.

LThe extremists had asked the Muslims and the Christians on the bus to form two separate groups, so that they could carry out the massacre of the Christians. Salah Farah, who had interposed himself between the extremists and the other passengers on the bus, was seriously injured by the attackers. He spent a month in the hospital between life and death. This pacifist Muslim eventually died from his injuries.

Salah said on his hospital bed:

“It's only religion that sets us apart. I therefore appeal to my Muslim brothers to take care of Christians so that they take care of us as well. Let us help each other, let us live together in peace. "

We wanted to pay homage to this man, a Muslim believer, who, through his sacrifice, saved the lives of Christians. "There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends", thank you Salah for the testimony of this love.


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