Sakharov Prize: who is Lamiya Aji Bashar?

Lamiya Aji Bashar and Nadia Murad are 2 former Yazidi sex slaves of Daesh. The Sakharov Prize 2016 was awarded to them, in order to honor their fight.

Le fight of Nadia Murad is known throughout the world thanks in particular to the support of Amal and George Clooney. Lamiya Aji Bashar was only 15 years old when her village, Kosho, fell into the hands of Daesh in August 2014. She was one of 6400 Yazidis captives.

When she is raped for the first time, her captors justify their actions: they are "halal", permitted by Islamic law.

This is only the beginning of too long an ordeal.

Sold 5 times, beaten, reduced to slavery. She is forced to work in a warehouse where she manufactures explosives vests.

In April 2015, after several failures, it was with the help of her uncle that she managed to escape. He organizes the rest of his flight with a smuggler, who takes her to an area controlled by the government. On her way, a hospital director still takes advantage of her. Then, the explosion of a minefield leaves her the stigmata which she still keeps on her face and makes her lose the vision of the right eye. A Yazidi friend, on the run with her, does not survive.

Arrived in Germany, she finds 2 of her sisters and her mother-in-law, also former slaves of Daesh. She is treated and taken care of psychologically.

His psychiatrist, Jan Kizilhan, says:

“She is a very lively, very funny person who has a lot of friends. She has lost neither her courage nor her will to live. "

Her visa ends in February. She is taking steps to obtain permanent resident status in Germany. She hopes to be able to go back to school.

“This award could be the reason why other nations are thinking of our mothers, our sisters who are still in captivity and suffering. It's not for me. It is for my village and for Yazidi women and girls. "

Daesh continues to terrorize his family. Her sister is still captive, with her 4 children.


Source : News.Vice

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