Camille's editorial of November 29: Sharing our faith

Talk about his faith at work? According to a survey conducted by the National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF) and the Evangelical Center, it is not always easy!

91% of evangelical Protestants are identified as Christians by their professional entourage, this is an encouraging figure which shows us that a large majority of them fully assume their faith in the professional context.

However, this survey also reveals the difficulty evangelicals have in witnessing to their faith in the workplace. For many, it is also a point of tension and guilt.

A similar question is raised by today's article in partnership with the Christian feminine magazine SpirituElles. It offers us a reflection on faith in our society where religion is a private matter. While in order to avoid conflicts, we brandish the banner of tolerance and of "each his own belief", how, as Christians, dare to say that Jesus Christ is the only way?

On July 5, the activist priest Stan swamy who tried to be a witness to Christ by standing up for minorities, died of pulmonary complications and Parkinson's disease. He had been detained since October 2020 for acts of sedition and terrorism.

The Jesuits have asked the Mumbai High Court to open new proceedings to "clear his name from the alleged charges," according to Arockiasamy Santhanam, a Jesuit father and lawyer based in Tamil Nadu.

“Throughout the case, it has been argued that the case against Stan Swamy was without merit and that he was wrongly implicated. Although his earthly journey is over, his life continues in the hearts of many. And he had great faith in righteousness. "

Sharing your faith, or even just being a visible Christian, can, in some countries around the world, cost your life.

On Friday evening, the village of Ta'agbe was attacked by heavily armed men. That evening, 10 Christians were killed by Fulani herders and 100 houses were set on fire. Attack survivor mourns the death of her grandchildren from her hospital bed. “I lost my grandchildren for Christ's sake,” she says.

Whether in word or deed, the Bible calls us to be witnesses of Christ. “Go through all the world, and preach the good news to all creation,” the Bible tells us in Mark 16 verse 15.

Today's news invites us to pray to give us the courage to bear witness to his love around us, as well as to our brothers and our sisters who are ready to lose their lives for Jesus. Let's not forget them.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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