Camille's editorial of December 1: We need hope

Today's editorial has rarely been so serious, but when I look at the news published today on the InfoChrétienne site, this is the thought that comes to me: we need hope. 

Not just hope, but hope, in the biblical sense of the term which according to the Larousse is the next :

“Theological virtue by which the Christian adheres to God as the supreme end of man in order to obtain divine grace and eternal union with God. (Christian hope is founded on the certainty of faith in the word of God in the person of Jesus Christ). "

Le Tiger needs hope while in a video published by the local channel Dimtsi Weyane Television on YouTube on November 24, Mgr Tesfaselassie Medhin, bishop of Adigrat, denounces a "genocidal war" in this region of northern Ethiopia.

He also calls for an investigation to be carried out by “an independent international body” into “all crimes” and “all atrocities” that have taken place since the start of the conflict.

Le Lebanon needs hope, while on Monday, demonstrations broke out in several cities of the country of the Cedar to protest against living conditions which are deteriorating a little more every day.

We need hope as a recent UNICEF report entitled "Global Snapshot of the HIV and AIDS Epidemic" reveals that at least " 300 children were newly infected with HIV in 000, or one child every two minutes ”. And this, while in the same year, 120 children died of AIDS-related causes, or one child every 000 minutes.

Finally, the Christians of Nigeria particularly in Zamfara State need hope, as the bandits (an armed gang) threaten them with "cruel attacks" if they do not stop worship and close their churches within three years.

Dear InfoChrétienne readers, I invite you to pray for all these situations, and especially not to lose your hope.

“Let us firmly hold on to the profession of our hope, for he who made the promise is faithful. »Hebrews 10:23

Camille Westphal Perrier

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