Camille's editorial of February 23, 2022: Helping victims

Today's news invites us to discover initiatives to help the oppressed, widows, orphans and victims.

Cyclone Emnati hit Madagascar last night. At the heart of the hurricane season, the Big Island has been hit by 4 hurricanes since January 22.

The charity Un Verre d'Eau is committed to helping people devastated by these bad weather. The call for donations for the victims of the last two cyclones was widely heard since it only took a week to reach the desired goal of 40 euros.

With the arrival of Emnati, in front of the enthusiasm and generosity of donors, and thanks to the involvement of local partners, A Glass of Water has decided to raise the target to 60 euros. You too can join this outpouring of generosity here.

On the occasion of his world tour, the "Justice World Tour" which began on February 18, famous Canadian singer, Justin Bieber, urges his fans to take action for social justice. In particular, he promises prizes, including free concert tickets or a trip to Paris to meet him, to those who support one of the 18 partner associations of his project.

While the situation on the Ukrainian border is increasingly tense, especially since Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of the pro-Russian separatist regions of eastern Ukraine, Pope Francis calls on Christians around the world to fast and pray for peace on March 2.

"Jesus taught us that we must respond to the diabolical absurdity of violence with the weapons of God, through prayer and fasting," said the Argentine pontiff, who reminds us that we can act in this situation through power of prayer.

SAJE Distribution gives you an appointment from February 24 on the Cuult' virtual cinema platform to (re)discover in E-cinema the very beautiful film Brother by Arnaud Fournier Montgieux.

Through moving testimonies, this film immerses us in the intimacy of a man who chose to dedicate his life to the social misery of the modern world, between drugs, crime, gangs and poverty.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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