Camille's editorial of February 17, 2022: Pray for the persecuted Church

The persecution of Christians is an important subject for the editorial staff of InfoChrétienne. We wish to highlight what our brothers and sisters undergo because of their faith in order, in particular, to encourage them to pray for them. 

The news of the day offers us a focus on several countries where Christians are victims of persecution.

On January 31, in Madhya Pradesh, India, 40 Christians were forced to undergo a ceremony to convert to Hinduism

"No one can take away the faith that is in our hearts, we hope to join the Church soon, God will help us", testifies one of them.

Pavan is 62 years old. He lives in a mountainous region of Nepal where he was a sorcerer for a long time, before becoming a Christian and suffering persecution. Discover his testimony. 

Christians in China will soon be subjected to new, even more repressive measures according to Morning Star News.

Any religious information on the Internet will then be prohibited, unless the organizations obtain permission from the government, which will only be possible for officially approved churches. However, it is estimated that more than 100 million Christians do not belong to these official churches.

While the violation of human rights in China, even beyond the persecution of Christians, is particularly highlighted with the multiplication of calls for a boycott of the Beijing Olympics, discover the testimony of Mihrigul Tursun.

This young woman who belongs to the Uyghur minority was detained in the internment camps of Xinjiang, China. Now exiled in the United States, she bears witness to what she endured during her detention.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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