Saida: deaf young man beaten for his faith

The one we will call Saida is a deaf girl who lives in Central Asia. She is the only Christian in her family. Despite her young age and disability, she experiences persecution.

En Central Asia, Christians are severely persecuted. In these regions, the deaf are not spared, but they also suffer from the incomprehension of the police who are supposed to protect them. How to testify when no one understands sign language? Rob Myers, of Door International, a ministry that cares for the deaf, brings us a painful testimony.

Saida is very young. Her family has just learned that she is a Christian and decides to beat her. Rob Myers says:

“The neighbors called the police because of the screams they were making. The police arrive and see that the little one is beaten by her own family. They say, 'Ah, this is a family affair, we don't get involved.' The family thus realized that they had some sort of immunity, so they continued to beat her, to the point that she is now in intensive care in the hospital. "

Saida is unfortunately not an isolated case. Door International Often intervenes in such situations to try to calm the family, notify the police or move the victims to a safe place.

“When a deaf person is taken to the police by the family, most of the time they cannot communicate with the police. So the police hear only one side of the story, that of the family. ”

Myers encourages us to pray for the deaf:

“Pray that God will open the eyes of those who mistreat them. We obviously want to pray for their safety, and we are working on that. But when asked for what reasons to pray, they are not asking to pray for their safety. They ask to pray that they will have courage. […] Let the Church know about it! ”

Saida's family have promised to beat her again as soon as she is released from the hospital. Members of the local church will do everything to get her back before her family.


source: Mission Network News

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