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The Senate votes in favor of the inclusion in the Constitution of the "freedom" to resort to abortion

  • 2th February 2023

Poor housing in France: the Abbé Pierre Foundation tackles the government

  • 1th February 2023

Understand the 3 dimensions of sobriety, this key notion of our time

  • 31th January 2023

Jean Vanier, Catholic figure accused of sexual assault, subject of a new report

  • 30th January 2023

Mental health: Olympe, 23-year-old youtuber, requests assisted suicide

  • 30th January 2023

The Protestant Federation makes recommendations to prevent sexual violence

  • 30th January 2023

How the question of old age shakes up the debate on the end of life

  • 30th January 2023

The rebound effect: when overconsumption cancels out sobriety efforts

  • 24th January 2023

Why French people with disabilities migrate to other countries to obtain adapted care

  • 23th January 2023

Difficulty, professional wear, burn-out: what progress in the pension reform project?

  • 20th January 2023

Pension reform: by what legislative means can the government have it adopted?

  • 19th January 2023

Sister André, French dean of humanity with "deep faith" is gone

  • 18th January 2023