Rima, Syrian refugee in Lebanon, meets Jesus during his exile

Since 2014, the Syrian civil war has led more than 4 million people to flee their country. The Syrian refugee crisis quickly became “the most important humanitarian emergency of our era”, as the United Nations High Commissioner pointed out, António Guterres, August 29, 2014. Concluding, “yet the world is not responding to the needs of refugees and the countries that host them”.

Pamid the many NGOs that help rescue Syrians in exile, Leading the Way provides logistical, psychological but also spiritual support to destitute refugees. Their teams recently published a video of Rima, Syrian refugee in Lebanon, recognizing God's protection during her exile, and accepting Jesus as her Savior and Lord.

At the heart of the conflict, Rima had to flee with her 4 children. From Aleppo, she went to Damascus by car, then to Lebanon. She walked in freezing temperatures for 7 hours to reach Lebanon. She now lives in a makeshift house with her family. It was there that aid workers met Rima. The coordinator remembers:

“What we saw was heartbreaking. There were no windows, no doors, no heat, no electricity, nothing. "

The 10-year-old son was ill and the team provided for warm clothes, medical supplies and a stove. They also provided spiritual support to Rima. They were able to give him an audio Bible. And the best gift that Rima could receive is salvation in Jesus.

Joshua Youssef, executive vice-president of the NGO, could not contain his tears as he listened to Rima's prayer. He tells Christian today, how the Holy Spirit is at work with the Syrian refugees. They visited a church, in which 400 Muslims came to Christ, another where 250 meet every Sunday. According to Joshua, this crisis is an opportunity to spread the Gospel among Syrians.

Allan Guinan said:

“This is an unprecedented opportunity in our ministry to see more Muslims come to Christ.”


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