On Reunion Island, churches are looted and vandalized

The vision of Christmas does not seem to be the same for everyone! Some have decided to celebrate Christmas in their own way, to the detriment of all Christian values.

Dn a predominantly Christian island, Catholic churches are part of history. Respected, the Christian faith is lived in peace, close to other religions. Places of worship are sacred. For the past 15 days, acts of vandalism and theft have been regularly perpetrated in churches. Trunks were taken away, and the parish as well as the sacristy were visited.

This morning, the people of Reunion are still shocked, the parish of Sainte-Marie in the east of the island has been the target of vandalism and looting. According to Father Glennac in charge of the parish, the thieves left with 5 trunks of offerings representing around € 800. The mixer and speakers have been stolen. The fed up and indignation are felt among the parishioners.

“It's hard as a Christian to learn that… Until church, we're breaking up now! Where are we going like this? … We are disgusted. "

3 months ago, the mausoleum of Brother Scubilion, housed in this church, saw his trunk of offerings broken and the money plundered. In the East, no less than 5 churches have experienced the same fate:

  • Sainte-Anne: 4 doors were broken and 2 logs were stolen.
  • Hellburg : material of his stolen and 2 logs were forced for 1500 € of losses in all.
  • Salazie the trunk was fractured last October.
  • The chapel of Père Laval in Bras Pistolet.
  • The church of Sainte Vivienne in Sainte Suzanne.

Bishop of Reunion Bishop Gilbert Aubry reacted yesterday:

“What happened against the churches in the East is appalling for several reasons. First of all, it is a contempt for people, in general little people, who have given maybe one, two, or five euros. Then, we touch on strong symbols: churches. One could say that it is a violation of domicile since a church is the house of God and the house of the believing community. There is the degradation of buildings, smashed doors, sawn iron bars. All of this is unacceptable. When thieves take microphones, sound equipment, it has to be replaced. It costs money. All this invites Christians to be vigilant and cautious. Insofar as churches are frequented by Christians, it is to be hoped that they are always open during the day. I also recall that the money from the trunks contributes to the life of the church. We do not receive grants. Some may believe that the Church is rich, but the trunks contain small sums. These are the offers of believers ”.

Several churches have taken the decision to put cameras to monitor the premises. Like that of Bras-Panon, which in 2014 suffered a theft to the tune of 10 €.

But we are entitled to ask the question: Are churches places to be placed under video surveillance? Shouldn't the house of God be open to everyone?

Through these acts it is above all the moral decline that we see taking shape, where certain individuals without faith no longer have any respect for the law!

Dominique lescure

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