Resumption of worship: The Council of State orders the government to go back to the limit of 30 people

Yesterday, Sunday, November 29, the State Council ordered the government to reverse its decision banning religious ceremonies with more than 30 people within three days. 

Saisi in referral-freedom last Friday by the Conference of Bishops of France to challenge the limit of 30 people allowed to attend worship services , the Council of State delivered its verdict yesterday, and win the cause of believers by denouncing a "serious and manifestly illegal attack on the freedom of worship".

It is a victory for the French Bishops' Conference (CEF), which says that thanks to this decision, "law has been restored and reason recognized".

According to the CEF, with this decision the judge of the Conseil d'État “retained the disproportionate nature of the government measure which limited to 30 the number of people authorized to attend religious ceremonies in places of worship. "She cites the order issued by the judge who noted that there was no justification for this measure" while no other authorized activity is subject to such a limitation fixed independently of the area of ​​the premises in cause ”.

Yesterday evening, a meeting was organized with the Prime Minister as well as members of the episcopate for "the adoption of a realistic gauge, as provided for in the sanitary protocol" presented by the Catholic Church. The CEF concludes its press release by affirming that it wishes "that the legal remedy remains the exception in a real dialogue which it awaits the resumption".

Good news for many believers who did not fail to rejoice on social networks.

We should find out more about these new "strictly proportionate" measures in the coming days.


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