Resignation of the Archbishop of Paris, Mgr Aupetit

After the publication of several articles questioning his private life as well as his governance, the Archbishop of Paris, Mgr Aupetit presented his resignation to Pope Francis.

Le Figaro reports that after being in the spotlight last week Michel Aupetit, Archbishop of Paris, presented a letter of resignation to Pope Francis. A letter which according to the diocese "is not an admission of guilt but a gesture of humility, a provision".

Tuesday, November 23, a survey published in The Point suggested that the Archbishop of Paris Mgr Aupetit had a double life when he was vicar general of the diocese of Paris in 2012. The newspaper mentions an "intimate relationship" revealed by an email sent by mistake to his secretary of the era.

A relationship denied by Michel Aupetit interviewed by Radio notre dame. "I did not maintain a double life as the article suggests", affirms the prelate who admits any time, having "badly managed the situation with a person who appeared on several occasions with [him]". An “error” that he declares to have entrusted at the time to his spiritual guide and of which “the ecclesiastical authority has been made aware”.

His governance within the archdiocese of Paris was also questioned in the Point article, a subject on which he also spoke at the microphone of Radio Notre Dame on Saturday, November 27.

"On governance issues, those who work with me told me to be shocked by the accusations of negligence relayed by the article" he declared, adding that he never makes his decisions alone and that he also seeks advice from women, because he knows "the irreplaceable contribution of their discernment".

In conclusion, the archbishop declared to have "in the heart this sentence of Jesus when in an act of supreme love he gave his life to the father to save each of us" my life no one takes it, it is I who give '”. “May he allow me to serve him every day,” he continued.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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