What is the most common request in our prayers?

I ask the Lord one thing, which I long for: I would like to dwell all my life in the house of the Lord, to behold the magnificence of the Lord, and to admire his temple.
Psalms 27: 4

In this video, Francis Chan asks us about our priorities. What is the most common request in our prayers? Are we putting the priorities in the right order? Discover the video speech and its transcription and translation below.

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Je ask the Lord one thing. What is the one thing you continually ask of the Lord? If I read the transcript of your prayers over the past few weeks, what will I find as the only thing you continually ask of the Lord? Could it be?

“Lord grant me to dwell in the house of the Lord all my life. Let me contemplate your beauty and admire your temple, only meditate in your temple. Only let me contemplate your beauty. Lord it's you. "

Would your transcripts tell me? I mean, it's simplistic, isn't it? To say Lord I only want to be with you and everything will be fine. It's simplistic. But do you see the evidence that it contains? Obviously, if I believe that there is only one sovereign who is the only leader, the only sovereign. Is it not then obvious that as long as I am near him, as long as I remain in him, that is only what I must do?

The fruit will come, the protection will come, all will be well. It's obvious. I only want to contemplate you and go away. I am in love with Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is in love with me. The God of the universe ...

Isn't that the most amazing thing there is? When he answers your prayers and you say to yourself, I have just turned to God. God just listened to me and answered me. Is there anything better on this earth?

What is better than this? Me, this little human being, this little failure, who don't pray as much as the rest of them, who don't know theology as much as others. I try to do something else but fail over and over again. However, you Lord have heard me. You are listening to me. You love Me.

It's the only thing I'm asking, looking for. I am only asking for that. I'll go find her. I'll go after her. Here's that one thing:

It is to dwell in the house of the Lord,
Every day of my life,
To behold the magnificence of the Lord,
And to admire his temple.

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Francis Chan

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