DRC: 100 auto-entrepreneurs started their training after receiving funding from Made In Compassion

The socio-economic situation in South Kivu is problematic with more than 95% of young people unemployed, whether they are graduates or not. In addition to this precarious population, there are vulnerable people, victims of violence and coming from rural areas.

SAccording to Pierre Yérémian, of the Inter Développement et Solidarités association, "a community leap and concrete community solidarity must be committed as a priority". For this Frenchman, specialist in the Democratic Republic of Congo who has worked for many years with Dr Mukwege at Panzi hospital, it is the Congolese actors themselves who have the vocation of promoting employment, the encouragement to self-entrepreneurship and professional networking in rural or urban areas.

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Last October, Made In Compassion organized a fundraising campaign to give 100 people the opportunity to create their own activity and generate income after 6 months of support. Thanks to the mobilization of donors, 100 future self-employed people have just started their training.

The raw materials for the carpentry workshop have been purchased. Some beneficiaries initiate collective solidarity projects such as a henhouse which will become a source of income for orphans. Sewing workshops have been set up. Livestock or reforestation projects are also being developed.

“Thank you to all of our generous donors. Thank you Guillaume and the whole team. We want to take up the challenge with these young Christians who praise God and who want to lead change in their country. Thank you ! "

Discover here the stories of some beneficiaries (Names have been changed).

  • Jean, already has individual experience in small livestock. Unfortunately, his parents and his two little brothers were brutally brought at night by terrorists and disappeared in North Kivu. He has been helpless for two years with his little sister without any resources and temporary accommodation on the floor of a local church building in Bukavu. Despite this trauma, he finished his studies and helped orphans in a rural area as a volunteer. Financial assistance has just been granted to him to build a henhouse in order to generate income towards economic autonomy.
  • Henry, a graduate in sociology is one of the many former students who are unemployed and without any compensation. He decides to start a carpentry workshop in order to supply local orders. He is very skilled with his hands and hired as secretary of a group of auto entrepreneurs. The help he has just received thanks to Made in compassion for the purchase of raw materials will allow him to supply his first customer.
  • Marcelle and François have a plan to open a small service shop in the center of Bukavu. They received help for their self-entrepreneurship project. They are both engaged in evangelism and in a choir.

At the time of the operation, 16 nursing students were to be struck off the staff of the nursing institute after being able to pay the quarterly fees. These costs have been covered and the students will be able to continue their studies.

Behind the number 100, there are 100 stories, 100 lives on the way to financial autonomy. To help without assisting is to accompany towards autonomy, it is to restore self-confidence and dignity.


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