Presidential elections: The National Council of Evangelicals of France contributes to the common reflection

With the approach of the presidential elections, the National Council of Evangelicals of France published Saturday, February 26 a booklet on its “convictions”. "Without aspiring to a return to a Christian civilization, and particularly aware that politics cannot offer everything", evangelical Christians wish with this booklet "to contribute in a positive way to common reflection by highlighting a set of values ​​stemming from their faith". . 

After the French Bishops' Conference et the Protestant Federation of France, the National Council of Evangelicals of France (CNEF) has in turn chosen to speak out as the presidential term approaches.

Evangelicals in France who declare themselves "grateful for the democratic institutions that make up our country" and "convinced that the life of the city is everyone's business, the CNEF" encourage Christians first and foremost to "take their part in the ballot in the presidential elections of 2022”. "It is the responsibility of each towards all", they affirm.

Thus, without dispensing with voting instructions, the CNEF revealed on Saturday February 26 a booklet entitled “the convictions of the evangelicals of France” which offers "guidelines for ethical discernment enlightened by the Gospel".

This document, which is aimed as much at evangelical Christians as at the campaign teams of the various candidates, is articulated around eight values ​​which are "human life from beginning to end", "the universal character of humanity" and the need for solidarity that this implies, "the need for justice, order, peace", "the promotion of innovation and the value of work", including "care for creation", "the defense of secularism in the service of freedoms” and finally the question of “the management of migratory flows and the integration of migrants”.

"Without aspiring to a return to a Christian civilization, and particularly aware that politics cannot offer everything", the CNEF wishes with this booklet "to contribute in a positive way to the common reflection by emphasizing a set of values ​​stemming from their faith and conducive building an authentically human society”, then leaving it up to each voter to “extend the thread of reflection to the voting booth”.

Regarding secularism, Evangelicals reiterate their attachment to freedom of worship and expression and urge the teaching of religious facts in schools, which they consider "indispensable" in order "to form enlightened and respectful citizens each person's beliefs and convictions.

On human dignity, the CNEF indicates that evangelical Protestants take care "to take care of the most vulnerable populations" and that they "love and welcome everyone because of their faith, whatever their condition, their affiliation, their ethnicity , gender or sexual orientation”.

They also recall, on the family, their attachment to the “conception of marriage as the Bible teaches it: exclusive and permanent union between a man and a woman”. While specifying that they want to “respectfully welcome families in their diversity” within the church.

Emphasis is also placed on ecology. In this regard, they claim to be aware that "the most serious threat facing the world is that of climate change" and point to the responsibility of human beings vis-à-vis God's creation.

Well aware "that no candidate will be able to satisfy all of these criteria", the Evangelical Protestants recall in conclusion that they undertake to pray for the country "for the duration of this campaign and beyond, aware that beyond these deadlines, we must continue to live together and build a society of peace and trust".

Camille Westphal Perrier

Image credit: CNEF

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