Presidential elections: The appeal of the Protestant Federation of France for the second round

With the approach of the second round of the presidential elections, the Protestant Federation of France warns against “speech of the extremes” and warns that “its commitments could be hindered” in the event of victory of the National Rally.  

Dance a statement published on April 17, the Protestant Federation of France (FPF) calls on citizens to vote in the second round of the presidential elections which will take place on April 24 and challenges them "concerning the dangers of abstention" and against the "speech of extremes ".

One week before this second round, the FPF declares that it wants to "remain vigilant, attest to its confidence in politics and challenge anything that would question and betray the message of the Gospel".

Aware that "the situation between the two rounds once again leaves a large number of people dissatisfied and raises real questions about the citizen's choice", the Protestants nevertheless believe that "the feeling of 'to be at an impasse, or in a situation of intellectual renunciation above our Christian responsibility'.

The Protestant organization also recalls that its commitments, which concern "speech in favor of religious freedom, actions for the reception of exiles, foreigners, works with the most vulnerable, advocacy on climate issues, and more generally, the project to promote fraternity and fight against inequalities in a society that needs to come together", "could be hindered in the event of victory of the National Rally".

"Watchtower of the Republic"

An intervention in the political field that the FPF justifies by its mission of "watchdog of the Republic", thus taking up the words of its president, François Clavairoly. In a column published in Le Monde on April 16, he declared that Protestants "can alert as a lookout for the Republic, they can be a spur for those who will be in power so that they avoid a democratic bankruptcy, they must also breathe the words of fraternity against the discourse of extremes”.

The FPF had already published an “address of Protestantism” to the candidates before the first round of the elections to challenge them on several subjects (ecology, equality between women and men, education, poverty solidarity, social justice, etc.) on which it is committed.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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