Open Doors USA President David Curry calls on Christians to boycott the Beijing Olympics

As the 2022 Winter Olympics are scheduled for early next month in Beijing, David Curry, president of the NGO Open Doors USA, is encouraging Christians to boycott the event. He denounces the persecution of Christians as well as that of religious minorities in the country. 

David Curry is the president of the international evangelical Christian humanitarian organization which supports persecuted Christians, Open Doors USA.

Le Christian Post reports that during a press conference to present the NGO's 2022 Global Christian Persecution Index which took place on Wednesday, David Curry dwelt at length on the persecution suffered by Christians in China.

Referring to the 2022 Winter Olympics, which are due to begin in Beijing on February 4, he welcomed the diplomatic boycott decided by Joe Biden's government and encouraged Christians to "join this boycott", "in the name of our persecuted brothers and sisters in China”.

"I'm suggesting that people don't watch the Olympics, that they don't participate like they normally would," he said.

He also recalled that the persecution of religious minorities in China goes beyond Christian communities, including the persecution suffered by the Uyghurs, recently. recognized and condemned by the National Assembly in France.

China ranks 17th in 2022 Index published by Open Doors, a relatively low place which, according to David Curry, can be explained by the fact that, despite the discrimination and persecution suffered by Chinese Christians, "they do not slaughter people".

The Open Doors president, however, added that he was particularly concerned about China's use of "central government control to suppress and exterminate the free practice of religion of all kinds". He believes that "the noose of Chinese high technology is slowly stifling the free expression of Christian faith and the faith of Muslims and other religious minorities".

He then reported that the communist country “has recently put in place additional restrictions on Christian Bibles and online literature, for example. Only groups that recognize the Chinese Communist Party and their censorship of their sermons and Bibles will be allowed to distribute the scriptures.”

According to him, in the near future “100 million followers of Jesus in China will be subjected to Bibles whose key elements will be removed or modified because they conflict with communist dogma”.

For its part, the organization Voice of The Martyrs which is interested in protecting the rights of persecuted Christians has launched a prayer campaign to urge Christians around the world to pray for Christians in China during the Olympics.

“As the eyes of the world turn to Beijing and the XXIV Olympic Winter Games, will you join believers around the world in praying for our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering from persecution at the hands of the Chinese Communist government? »

Camille Westphal Perrier

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