Praying with your children: 3 keys to get there!

Praying with your children is a testimony of our love for them. But for parents, it is sometimes difficult to establish this habit.

DGod is accessible, he is the God of details and encourages us to pray for all things. Children live precisely in the immediacy, the present. For them every detail matters, even the smallest thing can become essential. Using every moment of everyday life to help our children learn to pray is therefore probably a good lever! Here are 3 keys to teach them to pray.

I am happy ? Thank you Lord !

We spend a lot of time with our children so that they learn to say thank you when we give them something. Thanking God is also simple and concrete for the youngest. Before eating, at the end of the day, or in recognition of the family around them, let's encourage them to say thank you!

I have sinned ? Sorry Lord!

Children make mistakes, disobey… And are then overwhelmed by their emotions and their problems. Let us remind them that they know the one who has forgiven everything. Let us teach them to turn to Jesus with confidence to ask for his forgiveness.

I need help ? Come to my aid Lord!

Children do not grow up in a bubble and, like adults, face difficult circumstances. Our role is to help them recognize these situations, speak out about them, and entrust their problem to God.

Learning to say thank you, to ask for forgiveness and to recognize that they need God in their life are essential foundations for our children.

Train the child in the way he should follow; And when he is old, he will not turn away from it.
22.6 Proverbs

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source: The Gospel Coalition

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