Pray for Paris, for Burkina Faso, for Orlando, that's good. What about Medina, Istanbul, Baghdad?

Some countries or cities affected by attacks have captured global attention, but during this holiday season and the European Football Cup, we hear little about all the others. Weariness or habit? ...

Nur world is going through great upheavals, as much on the climate side, as on the political or human side. Certain events make the headlines of all the media and seem to touch and upset the whole world. Others, and not the least, remain in the shadows. In recent days an attack in Baghdad has left more than 300 dead. It received little coverage in the media and did not generate a hashtag in social networks.

“You get used to everything, even what you will never accept.”

This quote attributed to Arnold Bennet, English writer, could not be more topical. And so faced with the horror that keeps repeating itself, we prefer to think and move on. The holidays, the sun and of course the European football cup! These are not bad things per se, but we live on a planetary scale so:

Tribute to all the strangers who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and who lost their lives or are heavily injured physically and especially morally because of human beings who seem to have lost all humanity. We do not forget you.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to establish a list without taking the risk of forgetting a city or a country.

So let's pray ...


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