Podcast "Les Fils d'Issacar": Opening of assisted reproduction to couples of women

Hello, it's Saturday July 1, 2017, and here is the last episode of the “Les fils d'Issacar” podcast, a weekly audio analysis of events and news from a Christian worldview held by Étienne Omnès and Timothée Davi.

In this episode of July 1, you will find a commentary and an analysis on the following articles, which made the news of the week:

The church is not in the French ethical reflection: why we should rejoice

CCNE Opinion n ° 126 on societal requests for medically assisted procreation (MAP) on the official CCNE website, June 15, 2017-06-30

PMA: opposition from the feminist left as much as from Christians

Marie-Jo Bonnet: I don't see how assisted reproduction is progress  Interview with Marie-Jo Bonnet, Le Figaro, broadcast in July 2016 republished on 27/06/17

The moral of the digital revolution

Cyber ​​attacks, big data, fake news: the reverse of the digital revolution Jean Paul Aimetti, Le Figaro, June 28, 2017

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