PMA: The Demonstration for All protests against the examination of the text in the Senate from the beginning of the year 2021

La Manif pour tous denounces the second reading examination of the Bioethics Bill in the Senate from January 2021 when France is in a state of health emergency.

Lhe Senate has just announced that the bioethics bill on assisted reproduction will be examined at second reading from February 2 by the Senate, with an examination by a Special Bioethics Commission scheduled for January 19.

An announcement that revives tensions on the side of opponents of the PMA. The Manif pour tous yesterday published a Press release to denounce a "haste" deemed "irresponsible" while France "is more than ever in a state of health emergency".

The Manif pour tous insists on the “improbable” aspect of the government's calendar, and sent a letter to the President of the Republic in which it protests against a bill which “fractures society, instead of bringing people together” to the hour when "our democratic life is degraded". The collective denounces above all the priority given to this text "given the health context and the economic and social crisis, and the terrorist threat".

In his last question to Emmanuel Macron, the collective highlights the president's refusal to receive them as well as the fact that he never speaks publicly on this subject.

"Mr. President of the Republic, why do you refuse to receive us and do you not assume this PMA / GPA bill by never expressing yourself publicly on this subject?" "

The organization has already announced that faced with what it considers a "provocation vis-à-vis the French", it is preparing "a series of actions for the return to school in January".


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