PMA pour tous / TF1 wonders: Between donor anonymity and the quest for the identity of children resulting from donations

Should the anonymity of donors be lifted? This is the question that TF1 asks itself when faced with the quest for identity of children resulting from donations.

Dn the weekend newspaper, presented on Saturday September 14 by Anne-Claire Coudray, TF1 devoted a report to the anonymity of donors and the identity quest children from assisted reproduction. As part of the extension of assisted reproduction to all women, the question of lifting anonymity for donors is raised. The channel therefore questions this social debate.

“It is a social debate that is looming. Should the anonymity of sperm donors in France be lifted? This request was made by many children born from these donations. The quest for identity sometimes becomes an obsession. But things are not that simple. Some donors, potentially fathers of dozens of children, are not necessarily ready. "

The investigation is shot by François-Xavier Ménage and David Salon. The journalists first met a young man in his thirties from WFP, who has wondered since the age of 12 who he looks like.

“My parents did their job really well. They love me. They loved me. They educated me properly. But besides that, I still have this lack. This lack that I can have on a daily basis. Who is it on? It's also a part of me. It's a part of my story. It seems totally legitimate to want to meet, to know, to know a little more about this person. "

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At the time of starting a family, a second question is added for the young man, that of the medical history. But in France, theanonymity des donors is protected by the bioethics law of 1994. Faced with the silence of the sperm bank, the young man turned to a start-up specializing in genealogy. Thanks to this DNA test, he discovers a first half-brother with whom he shares 27,2% of common DNA. In the end, he learns that he has "two brothers from the same siblings and a brother and a sister from another sibling".

Today, while the revision of the bioethics law is under discussion, the government is wondering about lifting this silence. TF1 journalists interviewed Professor Rachel Levy, Head of Reproductive Biology at Tenon Hospital in Paris. She talks about what the government is planning in the new bill.

“What is mentioned is the age, it is of course the medical history, and it is the fact of knowing if the donor had children when he made this donation. "

Currently, although the law prohibits it, hundreds of French people are turning to sperm banks abroad. François-Xavier Ménage and David Salon visited one of them in Denmark, Cryos, "the largest sperm bank in the world". Many students come to make their donation, for between 30 and 60 €. The journalists met one of them. He wonders about this possible lifting of anonymity.

“I often made jokes with my friends where I was at home and the kids knocked on the door. And I used to take them to the local Carnival. […] I will have to start preparing myself for this hypothesis. I find it hard to get used to this idea. "

At Cryos, donors can choose to remain anonymous or not. TF1 journalists do not hesitate to talk about the “commodification of sperm donation”. The site of the sperm bank does not hide it besides. Information on Pricing are very clear. Anonymous donor or not? Profile with or without photo? Detailed profile or basic profile ? The site thus offers you "to know essential information" such as ... "the color of the eyes".

"The choice of your type of donor has an influence on the total cost, because some types of donors are more expensive than others: a non-anonymous donor is more expensive than an anonymous donor and a donor with a detailed profile is more expensive than a donor with a basic profile. You can also choose to have 3 months access to adult photos of selected non-anonymous donors (with a detailed profile) for an additional price of EUR 200 excluding VAT. […] The quality of the sperm, also called motility or MOT, also has an influence on the total cost. The higher the motility, the higher the cost. "

In short, we have to believe that in the international semen market, everything comes in cash.

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