PMA for all: Child psychiatrists denounce studies "conducted with a militant objective"

While the CCNE asked for "reliable research on the impact of this situation", psychiatrists denounce the studies mentioned by the proponents of the project and relayed by the press.

Lhen the examination of the bioethics bill by the commission of the National Assembly, several psychiatrists were heard as experts. Among them, doctor Pierre Lévy-Soussan and doctor Sarah Bydlowski. Both call into question the scientific approach of studies presented to the National Assembly as part of the examination of the draft law Bioethics.

The National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE) had deemed "relevant to be able to rely on reliable research on the impact of this situation", as indicated Opinion 129 on the revision of the 2018 bioethics laws.

"This request for ART, in this case artificial insemination with donor (IAD), to procreate without a male partner, without any infertility, is part of a demand for freedom and equality in access to techniques. AMP to meet a desire for a child. It profoundly modifies the relations of the child to his family environment, in terms of family references, absence of a father, institutionalized ab initio. It also raises several questions about the relationship of children to their origins, since in France the donation is anonymous and free, or on the fact of growing up without a father. Also on these points, it would be relevant to be able to rely on reliable research on the impact of this situation. "

But for Pierre Levy-Soussan, director of the Center de Consultation Médico-Psychologique et Filiation de Paris, former member of the Orientation Council of the Biomedicine Agency, "no impact study on the project has been carried out". He even denounces its “militant” character.

"Carried out for the most part in the English-speaking world, these studies were all carried out with an objective activist : show that all is well for children taken in by a couple of the same sex. " 

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For the doctor Sarah Bydlowski, psychiatrist and researcher associated with the psychopathology laboratory of René-Descartes University, this is a methodological problem.

“Our reluctance is not theoretical. It arises from a methodological problem as to the way in which its studies are carried out, without a consequent interview with the children, whatever their age. "

It specifies the technique of these studies, the self-questionnaire. the parents themselves ask their children the questions. For doctor Christian Flavigy, psychiatrist, these studies "are limited to the short term and ignore the psychic life of the child". He adds :

“Asking Marc-Olivier Fogiel's daughters if all is well is not enough. "

Doctor Pierre Lévy-Soussan associates the fact of having two mothers with “violence against reality”.

“Even if it is still a real taboo, we realize that it is more complicated with assisted reproduction, in terms of parentage. The existence of a third party complicates representations. In the current LDCs, we see the difficulties that parents have in transforming themselves into sons and daughters. Changing the parameters of assisted reproduction will therefore necessarily affect the child. "

Adopted in committee, the bioethics bill will be presented to the National Assembly on September 24.

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