Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II: The Archbishop of Canterbury celebrates the Queen's Christian faith

On the occasion of the seventy years of reign of Queen Elizabeth II - her "platinum jubilee" - celebrated on Sunday February 6, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, praised the Christian faith of the sovereign of the United Kingdom . 

Sunday, February 6, Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her seventy years of reign, this is her “platinum jubilee”. A historic event since the queen is the first monarch of the United Kingdom to achieve such longevity.

Elizabeth II, aged 95, acceded to the throne on February 6, 1952 after the death of her father King George VI.

As the Queen celebrated the birthday on Sunday, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, posted a message on Twitter in which he hailed her Christian faith and "her faithful witness to Jesus Christ".

“As we celebrate the anniversary of His Majesty's accession to the throne, we give thanks to him for his devotion to us all and his faithful witness to Jesus Christ. »

He added that she is “a symbol of stability and hope”. The Archbishop then invited Christians around the world to pray that God “continues to strengthen and guide” Elizabeth II and that she be blessed “with good health and wisdom”.

Sarah Mullally, Bishop of London, also paid tribute to the Queen of England on Twitter, for "her devotion" to the people and "her faithful testimony of Jesus Christ".

Dance a message released on the occasion of its platinum jubilee, Elizabeth II wrote that she looked forward “to continue to […] serve wholeheartedly” and expressed the wish that this event would “bring together families and friends, neighbors and communities after difficult times for so many. 'between us ".

“As I look to the future with a sense of hope and optimism for my Platinum Jubilee year, I am reminded of how grateful we can be,” the Queen added, before highlighting the "extraordinary progress" made in seventy years.

“The past seven decades have seen extraordinary social, technological and cultural advancements that have benefited us all; and I am confident that the future will provide us with similar opportunities, especially for younger generations in the UK and across the Commonwealth. »

In this press release she also indicated her "sincere wish" that the wife of Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Shand, be made queen consort when her son becomes king.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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