Pedophilia: Pope Francis calls on the Church "to face the truth"

In a video message to the bishops of Central and Eastern Europe gathered in Poland at a European meeting on the fight against pedophile crimes in the Church, Pope Francis called on the Church to recognize its mistakes.

On Saturday September 18, on the eve of a four-day conference on the fight against pedophilia organized by the Bishops' Conference and the Vatican Advisory Commission for Child Protection in Poland, Pope Francis conveyed to the bishops a video message.

In this message, he urges European bishops to listen to survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by members of the clergy and to see them as “companions and protagonists of a common future” in the reform of the Church on this subject. report Associated Press (AP).

He also warned them that in the event of failure, the future of the Catholic Church would be threatened.

“These important discussions really touch on the future of the church. "

"It is only by facing the truth of this cruel behavior and humbly seeking forgiveness from the victims and survivors that the church can find a way to be once again seen and trusted as a place of welcome." and security for those who need it, ”added François.

The Pope also underlined the importance of concrete actions and reform to prevent abuse and listen to victims.

The fact that this gathering takes place in Poland is important, since according to AP, a dozen Polish bishops were recently sanctioned by the Vatican for their repeated failure to take concrete action against priests guilty of sexual assault.

Camille Westphal Perrier

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