Paul & Séphora launches its marketplace and becomes the 1st "Christian Amazon"

There were several online Christian stores of all sizes. Several specialists (especially book publishers, a few creators of objects or clothing), some generalists (especially bookstores).

The experience of a director

Che Christian publishers and booksellers, Pascal Portoukalian knows them well. Store manager Paul & Zipporah, he is also - it cannot be invented - the president of the Association des Libraires et Editeurs Protestants Evangéliques Francophones. He campaigns for greater recognition and dissemination of literature, music and all products conveying Christian values. Organizer or partner of concerts and Christian events, he knows only too well the difficulties encountered in making an event or a product visible to an audience that would nevertheless be interested.

He has also several times directed Christian holiday camps for children and adolescents. Here again, his experience speaks :

“Associations scramble to communicate with the public they know. Some find it difficult to fill their stays. And unfortunately, many structures are closing, for lack of being able to make their activities known to a sufficient number of participants. "

He regularly sees the emergence of initiatives to create products carrying a Christian message: here t-shirts, there stationery. And always the same problem of marketing and visibility of products.

Thus was born the idea of ​​a marketplace

Little by little, the idea of ​​a marketplace - of a "Christian Amazon" - took shape.

“We have put our present, our future, our activity in prayer; we went to visit one of Amazon's logistics bases; we have studied the model; and we came to the conclusion that, yes, Paul & Séphora had to become the marketplace that was lacking. "

The initiative of Paul & Séphora is innovative and unifying in the Christian world

The initiative of Paul & Séphora is innovative and unifying in the Christian world, because it consists in connecting sellers and buyers on its platform, thus creating a veritable virtuous circle. In this model, sellers, whether they are publishers, designers, local distributors, event, holiday or travel organizers, benefit from the traffic generated by a major player in the sale of Christian products. They help grow attendance that benefits everyone. They thus have more visitors and save heavy development and communication costs. For their part, visitors gain a larger, well-segmented choice, and save time, without negatively impacting the price of the items.

At the same time, Paul & Séphora continues its activity of seller, wholesaler and publisher, with more than 3000 references in stock and efficient logistics.

Who is Paul & Séphora?

First named Séphora Musique, the structure has been a pioneer since 1978 in the organization of concerts, production and distribution of Christian artists. We remember the great era of the Séphora Festivals, and the first concerts in France by Michael W. Smith or Darlene Zschech.

It was one of the first Christian online shops

She was one of the first online Christian shops, in 1998. She managed for several years the logistics of the site (formerly the Topchrétien shop), before merging with her to become Paul & Séphora. She then broadened her activity to the “Christian lifestyle” in 2015, which opened up a multitude of new fields to her. His website, opened the same year, was designed and organized from the outset to accommodate a marketplace, with categorizations into clear and logical universes for users. A web-magazine then came to expand the relevance of the content. Internet users have not been mistaken: since its opening, the store has seen its number of visitors increase every month. A constant desire for innovation which pushes Pascal Portoukalian and his team towards ever more daring territories. And the next logical step is the marketplace.

“We could launch a“ small ”marketplace in a few weeks with little investment: that's not what we want. To offer customers and sellers a quality platform, technically efficient, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and which offers selections worthy of the name in terms of quantity and quality, it requires a little patience. The result will be worth it! "

This is why he remains cautious about announcing a specific launch date and sticks to talking about " current 2017". He knows that web development has many surprises in store ...

The writing ofInfo Chrétienne welcomes this bold and welcome initiative to spread Christian publishing and creativity more widely.


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