Pastor warns of “emotional adultery” and encourages friendship in marriage

Pastor Mark Driscoll of Trinity Church in Arizona, warns couples of what he describes as “emotional adultery,” and reiterates the importance of friendship in their relationship.

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Mark and Grace Driscoll believe that the friendship in the couple is vital, it is a bulwark against tension and infidelity. For the pastor and his wife, couples must constantly work for friendship in their marriage, because it allows for greater unity of the spouses, especially when working together.

Mark Driscoll describes emotional adultery this way on blog.

“Friendship is an integral part of true Christian marriage, and it is a protection against 'emotional adultery.' In our years together, we have seen many couples, including pastors and their wives, commit emotional adultery. It consists of having a very close friend of the opposite sex. "

The couple are working a lot on this aspect in their ministry. They believe that too few books and sermons focus solely on other aspects of marriage, while the Bible does not hesitate to associate friendship and love in the Song of Songs:

"This is my beloved, such is my friend."
Songs of Songs 5:16

Social networks overuse the word “friend” and open the door to virtual “friendships”, which when the couple is weakened can be devastating.

But, as Mark Driscoll himself recalled in a video, it's never too late to be forgiven and to rebuild.

“In addition to being forgiven, you are also cleansed. Jesus not only forgives you, he makes you clean. ”

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Originally published January 9, 2017

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