"Pastor planes", monitoring service for private jets of Christian ministries

An organization specializing in monitoring Christian ministries in the United States has launched “Pastor Planes,” an online service that tracks the frequency of thefts from Christian leaders and the costs incurred in the interest of financial transparency. 

On July 1, the Trinity Foundation, a Texas-based nonprofit organization interested in "religious fraud tracking and victim support" established the "Pastor Planes" service with the goal of "d 'bring financial transparency to churches, ministries and Christian universities using private planes' reports Premier Christian News.

This service tracks the frequency of flights used by Christian ministries as well as the distances traveled and the cost of these trips. It currently tracks around 50 different planes owned by government departments and publishes a daily flight list with information on the route and type of aircraft used.


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La Trinity Foundation who spent several years investigating the excessive use of private flights by Christian leaders reveals that according to his calculations "there are days when more than $ 100 is spent on private jets and charter jets by televangelists , ministry officials and Christian university staff ”.

"In addition to the cost of buying or leasing planes, jet fuel, pilot salaries, inspections, repairs, insurance, landing fees and hangar costs lead to higher travel costs." says the organization, which recalls that the Bible teaches "Christian leaders to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to them."

Camille Westphal Perrier

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