Pastor Paul, a retreat dedicated to blessing and illuminating the lives of others

At a time when some retirees are looking to give meaning to their lives, 72-year-old Pastor Paul is happily activating himself to illuminate the lives of others. Every day on his site Morning lights, he spreads an encouraging and stimulating thought, based on the texts of the Bible and embellished with anecdotes drawn from his long experience.

AWhen Paul was only a young man, about fifteen years old, a thought came to his heart "You will work as a missionary in Africa". Seven years later, at the age of twenty-two, he saw and lived the fulfillment of this word. For many years, he exercised his ministry on five continents and in forty countries.

Pastor in various churches, he rubbed shoulders with believers from different denominations, lived in different regions of the world to come into contact with various cultures, each as beautiful as the next. It is therefore rich in this kaleidoscope of memories, encounters, experiences, trials, reflections, subjects of joy, that he decides to share these thoughts with as many people as possible.

“In contact with these people so destitute, and so endearing, the passion to help my fellow human beings has only taken root in me. It remains the driving force behind my commitment to writing these daily thoughts: the morning lights. "

He speaks to us of grace, freedom, love, but he also shares with us the teachings given to us by stones, plants, animals… from the Bible.

In the life of Pastor Paul, there is also Michele, his wife for more than 50 years, who helps him to correct his texts. Several friends have also helped out, and are a great support for his ministry and his inspired pen. A well-surrounded patriarch, he is also the happy father of 4 children, the proud grandfather of nine grandchildren and the great-grandfather of two great-grandchildren.

These daily writings echo her heart, and God's heart for you. To date, about two thousand thoughts have been disseminated, and for some, compiled by topic in ten books. Other books are in preparation. You can receive a free thought each morning written by Pastor Paul to bless you and uplift you in your Christian life. You just need to register here (the form at the top right of the column).

You can also find Pastor Paul's thoughts on his page Facebook. If you wish to invite Pastor Paul to come and share the Word of God in your assembly, all you have to do is send him a message via this contact page.

Grateful for all he has been through, Pastor Paul also thanks you for your visits to his site Morning Lights, and hope to meet you on the occasion of one of his visits to the churches that receive him.

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