Pastor's daughter, 16, dies hit by car while distributing Christian leaflets


The evangelistic campaign that this pastor and his wife were preparing in their local church had to be canceled in extremely tragic circumstances. While Caelyn, the daughter of the pastoral couple, was distributing leaflets inviting the town's residents to the campaign, she was violently hit by a high-speed vehicle.

Caelyn died while being transported to hospital. She was 16 years old.

Lhe lady who accompanied Caelyn was only slightly injured, it was she who gave the police force the description and the registration number of the vehicle. This report led to the arrest, a few hours later, of the driver of the car, a 42-year-old woman under the influence of drugs.

Caelyn's funeral takes place this Thursday, October 13. Caelyn lost her life here on earth as she sought to save the lives of others for eternity. We pray for the consolation of Caelyn's parents and siblings. We also pray for all those close to Caelyn as well as for the entire Christian community in this city.



source: Christian post

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