Palm Sunday in Limoges: a foretaste of the great “Yeshua” show

The weather forecast was there this Sunday, March 20 in Limoges, to host the sketches better known under the name of “Rameaux”.

Christophe Eoche-Duval, director and organizer for 20 years of major outdoor shows wanted to make Limougeauds want to come and discover the or more precisely the two shows " Yeshua »Scheduled for Aixe sur Vienne on the 1er July 2 and 3.

Farandole twigs- Christophe, what is the purpose of these performances?

It is about making known the historical character of Jesus, of his Aramaic first name Yeshua, through 2 open-air shows: the first around a biblical-inspired kosher dinner on the theme of the Wedding at Cana, followed by by a nocturnal on the theme "They followed him". And as a finale the scene of the Transfiguration, with the voice over of actor Michel Creton in the role of God.

Dozens of local volunteers are involved in the troupe composed for the occasion: actors, extras, choristers, dancers, technicians, costume designers, stewards and many other roles more or less hidden but just as essential!

Twigs 12The main role, Yeshua, will be played by Mohamed Maâch.

- Mohamed, who are you?

I was born in Morocco, where I received a Muslim education. I am a professional actor and today above all a theater teacher in various places in Limoges. I have been working with Christophe Eoche-Duval for years.

- What can you tell us about your role as Yeshua?

I know the Koran and the Bible well. When I need to find myself I go to a church as well as to a mosque. Jesus is more universal than for Christians alone. The Koran speaks of him as of a great prophet, born miraculously and in whom God lived.

I had a lot of emotion playing the role of Yeshua!

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Yeshua Show July 2016

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