Pakistan: XNUMX policemen attack a Christian building coveted by the Mafia

During a press conference organized Monday, January 2 in Hyberabad, several leaders of Christian communities, Bishop Kaleem John, Father James, Father Daniel Fayyaz and Pastor Nazir Masih, denounced police violence and the forced occupation of the city. Sukkur Christian Missionary Building Trust Mission. The attack was instigated by a mafia promoter eager to recover the property.

LOn New Year's Eve, around thirty armed police officers, accompanied by a mafia militia, entered the mission building, violently attacked families and beat men, women and children, before throwing them away. out of their apartments. The avowed aim of the operation, supported by the authorities, was to confiscate the building in order to build a new real estate project on the ground.

The police torture lasted two long hours during which a two-year-old was seriously injured. Professor Sohail Rashid and many others were tortured. Police officers also searched apartments and stole valuables, such as gold jewelry, under the direction of their inspector, Abdul Malik.

The bishop says that the mission is privately owned by Trust Mission, and that everything is in order under Pakistani law for the occupation of the building by these families. Religious leaders also recalled that Christians had fought, sometimes risking their lives, alongside Muslims for the creation of Pakistan.

All the Christians in the building went to Sukkur Police Station after that horrific night to register a complaint, but none of them were allowed to file it. The victim families are now demanding the intervention of the President, the Prime Minister and the government to bring them justice.


source: Pakistan Christian Source

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