Pakistan: after 3 years in prison, Christian Adnan Prince-Masih is free!

Accused of blasphemy, Adnan Prince-Masih had been in prison for 3 years. The Lahore Supreme Court has just released him on bail on Wednesday February 1.

Cike many Christians, Adnan Prince-Masih, then 26, was accused of insulting Islam, the Koran and the Prophet Muhammad. From then on, and on the sole basis of the testimony of a work colleague, a conviction for blasphemy, punishable by death or life imprisonment, hung over him. Adnan had initially chosen to go into hiding, but the threats weighing on his family becoming too strong, he had chosen to take himself prisoner.

During a break from work, Adnan, who holds a master's degree in English literature, read and annotated the book by a leader of a jihadist organization, Maulana Ameer Hamza, "I asked the Bible why the Qur'ans were set on fire ”. Surprised by his colleague, he was immediately accused of blasphemy, for having "marked pages with abusive remarks about the prophet". Adnan, however, claims to have done nothing wrong:

"I found the book at wrong fact, giving incorrect information on the Christianity ... So I have writes commentaries and Bible references in several places, but not in abusive language. "

After finally giving himself up, Adnan will experience intimidation under arms, and torture on his sexual organs to the point of losing consciousness.

“The police were about to kill me… but God kept me safe by His grace. "

Faced with her determination, the officers stopped the torture. According to lawyer Aneeqa Maria, Adnan could not be presented to his hearing within 24 hours as required by law, as popular unrest was too pressing around the courtroom. He was eventually taken into custody. Prince's lead lawyer Asma Jahangir said the case should have been settled within two years.

3 years later, Judge Dost Muhammad Khan has finally ordered Adnan's release on bail.

The most famous Christian jailed under the guise of blasphemy laws in Pakistan, Asia Bibi, still remains captive.


Source and Image credit: World Watch Monitor

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