Pakistan: 26 dead, dozens injured after suicide bomber attack in Lahore

Monday July 26, near a vegetable market, a suicide bomber driving a motorcycle transformed into a bomb caused the death of at least 26 people, and injured about fifty others.

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Lhe attack took place in a busy area of ​​Pakistan's cultural capital, Lahore, where 6 million people live. The "deafening" explosion was heard throughout the neighborhood and the strong explosion blew the windows of many surrounding buildings. Doubts about the cause of the explosion were dispelled when the Pakistani Taliban movement (TTP) claimed responsibility for the attack. Until then, the accidental track was not excluded, many motorcyclists having the habit of carrying gas cylinders. Muhammad Khurasani, TPP spokesperson said :

“A Pakistani Taliban movement (TTP) suicide bomber used a motorcycle turned into a bomb to kill dozens of police officers […] Our message to the allies of the enemies of Islam is not to stand in our way”

Unlike the terrible attack of March 2016, which killed 75 people during the Easter holidays, Christians were therefore not targeted by this attack.

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