Our parody of the front page of Charlie Hebdo taken over by the major French media!

Tuesday January 5 at 20 p.m. we published our response to the front page of Charlie Hebdo to be released on January 6, but already unveiled for several days.

NWe were hoping that this image would be picked up by our readers and disseminated as a symbol of love and forgiveness in response to this Charlie Hebdo offense against believers. We didn't expect our image to be picked up quickly by the biggest French media!

The Point devoted an article to it entitled "The front page of 'Charlie Hebdo' parodied by evangelical Protestants".

Public chat iTele, in the Great Decryption of January 6, Olivier Galzi received Monsignor Olivier Ribadeau Dumas, spokesperson for the Conference of Bishops of France, Chems-Eddine Hafiz, vice-president of the French council of Muslim worship and Joël Mergui, president of the central Israelite consistory of France.

At the end of this issue devoted to the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attacks under the title “Religion, collateral victim of the attacks? », Olivier Galzi presented our response in the form of an image to these three great representatives of religions in France to ask them if this was a good response to the front page of Charlie Hebdo!

Info Chrétienne on iTéléInfo Chrétienne on iTélé / The response ofInfo Chrétienne on the front page of Charlie Hebdo featured in Le Grand Décryptage on iTélé tonight!

posted by Info Chrétienne on Wednesday January 6, 2016

La Croix under the title "An evangelical site parodies the" one "of Charlie Hebdo" takes up the elements of the press release from Guillaume Anjou, director ofInfo Chrétienne, explaining the message conveyed through this parody.

We would like to especially thank Daniel Hamiche for theChristianophobia Observatory and Daniel Rivaud fromunderstanding of the Evangelicals of Bas-Rhin for the dissemination of our response to the front page of Charlie Hebdo.

In a moment of confusion, AFP attributed this response to the front page of Charlie Hebdo to the understanding of the Evangelicals of the Bas-Rhin, which again emerges in several media which have not verified this information and made an update.

What is important is not so much to whom it is attributed but much more that the message that we wanted to convey on behalf of all Christians is passed!


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