When our children suddenly realize that death is due

Parents have always carefully noted in their notebooks, and today on their Facebook wall, the good words of their toddlers. Children's words, spoken without premeditation, which often spring up in the prosaic of everyday life and subjugate us. Where the adult dodges, relativizes, arranges. Children, for their part, go straight to the point.

En as a Christian mother of four, I had the privilege, as their faith grew and their understanding refined, to hear on the fly some theological-spiritual thoughts that had never occurred to me. touched but worth the detour! Sometimes to develop serious and difficult subjects with them, it took a lot of thinking! But ultimately, answering the existential questions of our children turns out to be a wonderful school for entering new understandings oneself.

I remember in particular a dialogue with my youngest… He had just realized that he was going to die one day and that terrified him. So this little three-and-a-half-year-old man turned to me, his mother, certain that I was going to tell him that no, of course, that would never happen to him.

- "Mom, is it true that I'm going to be dead?"
- “… Yes it is true that one day it will happen.”
- "But I do not want to !!!"

Indignant cry, echoing that of all humans confronted with the absurdity of death ... And throughout the week he has not ceased to shower me with great concern with nagging questions:

“When will I be dead? Will I be able to speak when I'm dead? And will I be able to eat? ”

What an ordeal to talk about these questions with your little one!

What a ordeal to talk about these questions with your little one! I explained to him that the human being, the image of God, was not made to die, but that a deep break with God had changed his destiny. I told him about the eternal life offered by Jesus who had shown the way, he the son of God, by dying like us. And then he was raised from death and that we too were going to die one day, then rise again like Jesus to live with him again. But the questions continued. Until the latter:

- “Will I still be able to die when I am with Jesus?”
- “No because in the new earth with Jesus there will be no more illnesses, no more old age, no more accidents, no more tears… And we will be alive forever.”

It was then that immense relief appeared on her face… And the questions ceased. What happened in her little child's heart? What did he understand that was so important that the idea of ​​death no longer petrifies him as it seemed to petrify him until now? Mystery! But me, his mother, I understood a lot of things by dint of thinking at full speed to give him the most inspired answers possible and not to traumatize him even more.

The miraculous at the time when Jesus was on earth all ended up dying one day, even Lazarus who the poor man died twice! When a human is born, only one thing can be predicted with certainty: one day he will die. This is the human tragedy: at the end of the road there is death. There is enough to traumatize a little one for a little that he realizes it!

The man knows he's going to die but he doesn't believe it

And besides, I never understood why modern man was not so haunted by the ineluctable certainty of his own death. The man knows he is going to die but he does not believe it. Then I thought of this verse often quoted from John 3: 16… What Jesus offered us more crazy by coming to join us in our condition, it is not the miracles however extraordinary that he made (and made always) to improve life on earth. The greatest miracle, the greatest promise, is his own resurrection which prefigures ours.

Life after death for anyone who believes. The life of a superior quality, full and whole in the divine presence, a life in which death will be definitively conquered. What power in Christian Hope: death is not the end, it is the beginning.

Why are some of us leaving so early? Why are some life paths so difficult? Why does evil seem to triumph so often when Jesus Christ has overcome? Like everyone else, I have many questions ... But when the din of earthly suffering makes us dizzy and the temptation of revolt smolders, let us not doubt that he has won! Death where is your sting? One day, yes, we will die but we will rise from the dead and Love will be total. Then we will see face to face and all that we have partially glimpsed here below will be manifested.

“Thank you Lord Jesus because you rose from the dead. You are a great God because you hug us. Amen."

This was my little fellow's prayer to end this somewhat troubled period of his so young existence. As for me, happy with this peaceful conclusion and the new understandings I interviewed, I was also able to say amen and thank you.


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