[Opinion] Listen to nature, it's good for your health!

[Opinion post] Do you really need a scientific study to know that you feel better when you walk by the water or while walking in nature?

Thinking about it is one thing, especially in these confined times; knowledge is another. It's a certainty for a team of researchers from North America whose study was published last March.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has, in many ways, highlighted the importance of nature for human health, says Rachel Buxton, lead author of the study, and researcher at Carleton University in Ottawa (Canada). With the decline in traffic noise during lockdowns, many have connected to their sound environment in an entirely new way - becoming aware of birdsong behind the window. " Listen to the sounds of nature, flowing water, waves, birdsong ... “The sounds of nature reduce stress and improve our mood, lower pain and lower heart rates. "

Instead, as often, of measuring how noise pollution of human origin disturbs fauna and flora, these researchers have for once followed the opposite reasoning: what is the real influence of these natural noises on our morale and our organism? ? To find out, the researchers sifted through no less than 36 studies diffusing sound to volunteers, in laboratories and hospitals. Seven of them measured the influence of these sounds on the perception of pain, stress, blood pressure or heart rate. In the end, sounds from nature would lead to a 184% improvement in general health, and a 28% reduction in stress levels. What advise a general cure of nature to all! Who are they supposed to have the best influence on us? The sound of the water, the songs of the birds, and of course the mixture of the two.

Judikael Hirel 

source: Why doctor

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