Olivier Giroud: “Thank you Lord” for this exceptional goal

Everyone knows the famous "hand of God", that by which Diego Maradonna, "el pibe de oro", had eliminated England during the quarter-finals of the Mexican World Cup in 1986. The supporters of Olympique de Marseille keep undoubtedly also in memory the sinister "hand of the devil" (that of Vata), which is enough to eliminate the OM from the semi-final of the champions league Benfica Lisbon-Marseille, then called "European cup of the clubs champions" minutes from the final whistle.

MBut Olivier Giroud's goal, at the start of the 2017 season during the Arsenal-Crystal Palace match, owes nothing to any cheating. Concluded at the end of a breathtaking action, this "scorpion blow" (heel kick resumed in full swing which imitates the tail movement of this dreaded animal) totally delighted the fans of the "Gunners", who began to sing in chorus. the name of Olivier Giroud, to make Liverpool FC supporters green with jealousy and their famous “We Will Never Walk Alone!” (a hymn sometimes repeated even in the preparatory classes HK of the distant lands of Lorraine…).

But the best part is undoubtedly Olivier Giroud's post-match statement, as a sign of “thanksgiving”, to comment on his exceptional goal (statement published in theTeam - the Sports Bible - of January 2, 2017):

“As I am a very believer, I immediately thought: Thank you Lord! ".

We already knew the “papinades” (by Jean-Pierre Papin) and the “cantonades” (by Eric Cantona), as well as the famous Zidanesque rakes, no doubt that we will now have to reckon with the “giroudines” to serve as a model. young talents from all football schools. How great is our God to inspire his worshipers to such gestures!

Charles Eric of Saint Germain

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