Official release / Leader Vocal's new album "They would rather see us dead"

"They would rather see us dead", the double album which denounces Christian persecution

Lhe abuses committed against the Christian people are so serious, the actions of the international community so light and the media silence so heavy that it is impossible for us not to act in favor of the millions of brothers and sisters persecuted, abused and killed for their sake. faith, every day, the latch in the mouth!

From Iraq to Saudi Arabia, Nigeria to Sudan, North Korea to China, "150-200 million Christians" suffer "persecution" every year

Where to get the new album "They would rather see us dead"

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VOICE LEADER is a Rap group created in 1991 by two brothers from the Cape Verde Islands, François and David Furtade. The LV stands out by quickly becoming the first major group of Rap / Ragga in Clermont-Ferrand and travels stages such as "Le Printemps de Bourges" as well as various first parts accompanied by musicians.

In 1996, a turning point occurred, the collective released its first opus entitled "La Prison Mentale"; testimony of their conversions to the gospel. Leader Vocal becomes the first French-speaking rap group with Christian convictions loudly proclaiming their faith in Jesus Christ. Fire of positive, creative and progressive action; undeniable suspense of the lyrics; accentuated by sounds produced in the pure Hip-Hop tradition; so many elements which manage to touch the listener in a universal way.

In 1998, the formation is now tightened around the founding duo, the live gives way to samples and Dj's for a most explosive formula, which will give birth to their second album "Hosanna", followed by the maxi "La Rage Au Ventre" in 1999. After a five-year break in the artistic world and with a strong track record in Hip-Hop culture, enriched over the years,

The group made their comeback in 2004, with a new album entitled "L'Odeur Du Sang". The single "Hey Bo Moss" will meet with success during their various stage performances supported by numerous radio passages in the BOSS show on Skyrock.

In 2007, 23 unreleased tracks will be chosen and “L'Odeur Du Sang [Side B]” will be released. After dedicating themselves in recent years to church planting, the two brothers Pastor and Missionary respectively, released their new album “They Prefer to See Us Dead” on March 25, 2016.

Vocal Leader in a few dates:

  • 1991 Creation of Leader Vocal
  • 1993 Tour in Germany
  • 1994 Discovery of the "Printemps de Bourges"
  • 1995 1st part of Jacques Higelin at La Maison des Sports Clermont-Ferrand Les Rita Mitsouko - Ménélik - "Black Music Festival" with Le Ministère Amer (Le Secteur Ä) - La
  • 1997 Concert at Gibus (Paris) - Concert in Holland - 1st part of the 2 Bal 2 Neg,
  • 1998 Franco-Swiss promotional tour for the album "Hosanna"
  • 1999 Tour in Ivory Coast (Africa)
  • 2002 Festival des Abymes in Guadeloupe
  • 2003 Hip-Hop Forum Clermont-Ferrand - Concert at "La Cooperative de Mai"
  • 2004 Long-awaited release of the album "The smell of blood"
  • 2005 Swiss Tour, recording of a TV program for Italian television "RAI UNO" in Sanremo (Italy)
  • 2006 Concert at the Freakstock Festival in Germany + TV show “Arte”, “Tracks”
  • 2007 After a last concert in Switzerland, Le LV takes a break from his musical career to devote himself to the establishment of works in Switzerland and Latin America
  • 2008 Realization of Welcome Charles's album "Le Contrat"
  • 2009 Creation of Jean-Marc Lerigab's album “Mille Days Ailleurs”
  • 2010 Creation of the “Melchisédek Inc.” Label
  • 2012 Preparation of the band's new album
  • 2014 Release of the EP "Worship"
  • 2015 Concert at the Toulouse Congress Center
  • 2016 Release of the new album "They would rather see us dead"


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