Nothing is harder for a couple than infertility

Nothing is harder for a couple than infertility. Why does something so natural and accessible to all, become for some an insurmountable ordeal?

C 'Amy and Jason found themselves faced with this injustice. The couple are happy, everything works for them. They love each other, are blessed, and are an instrument of blessing in their church. Nothing works. The desire for a child becomes urgent, but the blessing is long overdue.

Their prayers and pleas were unanswered. For years, they go through all kinds of questions, doubts, sorrows. Until the day when, after 10 long years, the young woman is behind in her cycle. She dares not believe in it and hope once again in vain ...

“I couldn't look at the test again and see that it was not positive…”

But He is very positive!… She buys another test which will also be positive. Amy is pregnant.

“It’s like waves of such intense emotions coming over you… You don’t realize how heavy it has become, until it’s finally taken away! It really happened! Oh my God ! Lord you are faithful! And all the steps of the journey come back to your mind… And we were setting there with Jason, with this test in our hand and we were just thinking about the last 10 years of our marriage and the presence of God in the room was… I didn't. will never forget. ”

Amy leads worship in her church and sang a beautiful song of praise and thanksgiving at the service she testified.

"You are loyal. You never give up on us.
You are able to finish everything you started in me.
You are reliable through all stages of our lives.
You remain the same. ”

He gives a home to her who was barren, He makes her a happy mother among her children. Praise the Lord!
Psalms 113: 9


source: Youtube

Article originally published in February 2017.

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