North Korea: Myoung-Hee, sold, imprisoned, mistreated, escaped but touched by grace

North Korea remains the place in the world where Christians are the most oppressed. According to Open doors, it is often impossible for them to share their faith with their own families. To worship someone other than Kim is to choose prison, torture, death. The one we will call Myoung-Hee discovers that her family is Christian when her uncle dies.

Un day, Myoung-Hee sees her father come into the house. He is pale and very weak. Myoung-Hee's mother sends him to another room and locks herself with her father in the bathroom. His father screams his pain. Myoung-Hee fears the neighbors will hear her, but she realizes: someone is dead. She's right. Her uncle was murdered along with 10 other Christians. She then learns that many of her family are Christians.

For her, the death of her uncle is due to religion. So she doesn't want nothing to do with faith.

“I wanted life to get back to normal, so I focused on school. I read a lot of books translated from Russian in the library. I liked Tolstoy a lot, but I didn't know he was a Christian. ”

These authors revealed to him that there was another life elsewhere. She then decides to go to China to find out more.

“I wanted to leave North Korea. I had the opportunity to go to China as part of a student trip, but I refused. By leaving under their authority, I would have been watched, controlled. No, if I wanted to leave, it had to be on my own without telling anyone. ”

Myoung-Hee goes to a river near the Chinese border. She swims through it and walks to a village.

“I was taken by traffickers and sold to a Chinese farmer. He wasn't as bad as all those Chinese people who buy North Korean women. I had a child with him, but I never felt at home in this family. ”

His mother-in-law lives with them. She thinks she is behaving strangely. Sometimes she goes out, without saying where she is going. One day Myoung-Hee decides to follow her. She then finds out that her mother-in-law is a Christian and goes to a meeting.

“I called her. She was surprised to see me but she invited me to stay. It was a meeting of Christians. I was not comfortable because I have always been against Christianity. But my curiosity was stronger and I stayed. And finally, I wanted to know more about God. ”

Myoung-Hee is converted. She now has a new goal: to go tell her family in North Korea.

On his way, a military patrol arrests him and sends him to prison.

“When I saw how we were treated in this prison, as if we were not human, I wanted to give up. I thought I would never see my family again. ”

But she often repeats verses, like verses 6 and 7 of Psalm 62:

It is God who is my rock and my salvation. My high retirement, I will not waver. On God rest my salvation and my glory. The rock of my strength, my refuge is in God.

Myoung-Hee is then transferred to a camp closer to her home. One night, when the guards are drunk, she decides to run away.

“My heart was beating so hard. I didn't stop running until I saw a sign from my house. ”

Myoung-Hee's family was together again:

“It was the happiest experience of my life. For the first time we praise God as a family. ”

Myoung-Hee then decides to return to China to share her joy with her husband and her son.

“My husband and my son had to hear the gospel too. It was a dangerous journey. I could have been arrested and punished again. But nothing can quench my passion for Jesus. ”

Myoung-Hee is now 40 years old. Her son and her husband turned to Jesus.

“There are so many parents in North Korea who cannot tell their children about their faith. It breaks my heart. I was one of those victims. But thanks to the prayers of others, I met God. And thanks to my mother-in-law's prayer, I survived in prison. My life bears witness to the power of prayer. I hope that all Christians will unite in prayer that God will bring His grace and justice to North Korea. ”


source: World Watch Monitor

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