North Korea: Christ is enough for us!

Totalitarian power in North Korea is exerting extreme pressure on Christians. Considered enemies of the state, they are denounced by their neighbors, sent to re-education camps or even forced labor camps, until death.

UA recent report speaks of Christians being crushed by steamrollers or hanging from burning crosses. Suzanne Scholte, president of the North Korean Freedom Coalition, and vice-president of American Committee for Human Rights in North Korea, confirms the facts stated in this report.

Reverend Eric Foley, Director of Soul-based Voice of the Martyrs Korea, met these Christians:

“They don't pray for freedom or for money. He prays for more of Christ, and to reflect more of Christ in their lives. "

A Christian woman is surprised:

"Are you praying for us? We pray for you… You have so much, you place your faith in your money and your freedom. In North Korea, we have no money and no freedom, but we have Christ and He is sufficient! "


source: Christian post

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