No more than 6 pints of beer per week: a British health council

As part of the fight against alcoholism in Britain, health authorities advise subjects of Her gracious Majesty not to drink more than six pints of beer per week.

Cthis information, well relayed by our national media, made me smile and annoyed me at the same time, because the means employed are quite summary, but also completely free for the British state, so if does not work, there will be no money wasted.

The English pint corresponds to 0,57 l so no more than 3,5 l of beer per week. For someone like me who doesn't like beer, I find the volume already quite large. But is this "advice" going to be effective?

Personally, I very much doubt it, because drinking alcohol is a social fact, English beer bars are very popular meeting places. And if you ask consumers if they are alcoholics, understand if they consume too much and too often alcohol, in this case beer, there is a good chance that they will answer in the negative.

Note that the British health authorities also advise consumers to drink more slowly !!! And drink water !!! Is it English humor ??

When we have worked with alcoholics who suffer from their addiction, physically and psychologically and who also make their loved ones suffer, we cannot applaud such advice, even if it is quite right. Because the road to recovery from alcoholism is long, very long, and sufferers often have a ruined family and professional life behind them. They generally need psychological and medical help, and for Christians, spiritual accompaniment, and this over the long term.

In conclusion: people who drink more than "six pints of beer per week", or their equivalent in wine or other alcohol, know very well inside themselves that alcohol abuse is not good for you. their health. Telling them officially is surely no more effective than writing “smoking kills” on cigarette packs in France. Preventing such addictions, which often end up causing real illness, really requires more and better than basic advice or information.

A word of advice from the apostle Paul:
“Do not get drunk on wine - it will lead to a life of disorder - but constantly let yourself be filled by the Spirit. "
Ephesians 5: 18

Elisabeth dugas

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