Nigeria: More than 1500 Christians killed in 3 years including 200 children according to WWR

A report from World Watch Research reveals the silent persecution suffered by Christians in Nasarawa state.

DFrom January 2013 to May 2016, 826 Christians were killed including 117 children, 878 were injured including 189 children. These numbers probably only reflect 60% of reality. Women are killed while fetching water. Men die trying to defend their loved ones. Entire families are murdered in their sleep in attacks at night. Children lose their families trying to flee.

Christians cannot trust anyone. The media falsely announce the end of the conflict. But as soon as they return home, the Christians are decimated.

From February 2013 to April 2015, 102 churches were destroyed or damaged. The property of Christians was destroyed: 787 houses, 9 businesses, 32 vehicles as well as all the animals which served them as food.

An area 70 km wide by 60 km long was taken over by Muslim shepherds. Christians are expelled or sentenced to flight because of the state's lack of protection.

An official affirms that the will of the State of Nasarawa is to transform the area into pasture for the Fulani tribes, regardless of the objections of the Christians, the first inhabitants of the area. Christians live in fear. Declaring yourself a victim to the government by giving your name and address is to ensure that your home will be the target of future attacks.

In fact, 21 Christians, including 037 children, took refuge in IDP camps where they lacked everything. Associations cannot cope with the immensity of the needs.

So the experts ask themselves:

“If the conflict is over land and environmental resources, why are Christians the targets and the victims? Why are churches burnt? Why are the pastors' houses attacked? Why are Christian properties, stores, farms, and businesses destroyed? Why are the rulers predominantly Muslim? What gives Muslims the right to rule over predominantly Christian communities? Why are the products of the Christian farm used to feed the animals of the Fulani shepherds? Why is the government allowing the influx of Fulani Muslim nomads to Nasarawa state? What explanation can be given for the fact that the majority of Christians end up in camps for the displaced? Why are criminals, mainly Fulani Muslim shepherds, unpunished? "


Photo Credit: Open Doors

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